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Dr. Noothan Rao Counselor, Graphologist at “Write Strokes with Right Thoughts” ™, Research Center for Holistic Healing. 

Professional qualifications: B.Com, Internationally certified Handwriting analyst & grapho-analytical therapist, Certified personal counselor, Certified Corporate Director, Certified Life Skill Coach, Professional Astrologer, Healer, Tarot Reader, Art Analyst

Formerly working for Canara Bank. Currently doing research with St. John’s Medical College Hospital in “Health in Handwriting”

Dr. Noothan Rao has been actively involved in counseling and Graphology, has trained and counseled hundreds of students, housewives & professionals. She helps individuals overcome various personality traits through handwriting/signature changes and specifically helps students in their young age to groom their handwriting to achieve leadership qualities. She assisted few companies in recruiting/hiring right personnel through Handwriting analysis. She Trained people in personality development, goal setting, vision, Career guidance, Handwriting analysis, finger print analysis, Grapho therapy and Art analysis to understand self/others.

She is currently involved in activities of holistic healing at “Write Strokes with Right Thoughts ™” for the past 9 years and has actively been involved in Grapho-Therapy Research in Medical field at St. Johns Medical College Hospital, Bangalore. Also she is giving integrated therapy to cure many medical problems. Her articles on all these areas are published in various websites, magazines, and Social Medias. Presented papers at National Women’s Science Congress and won Woman Scientist Award, judged many events, given many seminars and talks on various topics she is dealing with. She is involved in many charity works with orphanages, old age homes, NGOs, schools by providing her services free of cost.

She Conducts One day/half day workshop, Awareness talks, teaching sessions in Bengaluru and outstations also. She has conducted workshops and trainings at various corporate companies, institutes (Jain University, Christ University, Dayanand Sagar, ICICI Manipal, Canara Cambridge, DVS, New Horizon etc.) and events. Her interview has come in FM Rainbow (AIR India) under inspire program. She has been called by TV for expert opinion on subjects. Her articles are published in various news papers and magazines on different subjects she is dealing with.

She is also working on various other interests of hers in the field of Counseling, Art analysis, Astrology, Tarot Reading, Dowsing, Acupressure treatment, Finger print analysis (Dermatoglyphics) by appointment. She has completed 2 doctorate theses in Astrology also got 2 honorary doctorates for the work in the field of Graphology and Healing. Currently she is pursuing Doctorate of Literature program in Graphology.

Her approach: Holistic healing. Helping people to heal themselves by understanding root cause and use the tool they believe in. She believes in mental strength. Instead of rejecting someone for his/her weaknesses, help him/her to identify and eliminate his/her fears; enhance strength, increase self esteem/confidence.

Special Interest/knowledge: Memory/concentration enhancing methods, Suicidal tendency, fears & phobias, Psycho somatic diseases (mind body connection), ADHD, LD, Autism, few physical and mental health issues, addictions, depression.


  1. Google page -  wswrt-noothan
  2. FM Rain Bow – Inspire program on Handwriting Analysis & Therapy ON 25th August 2012 with host Rashmi Shetty

  1. Articles on Write Choice Website.

  1. Regularly writing articles and posting in Face book group = Handwriting Analysis.  (This is a public group and anyone can access it and read the posts and get the knowledge of the subject)
  2. Other Articles in magazines: -

*Health in handwriting        *An Insight into Brain Writing

     *Effects of Grapho Therapy on Neuro Chemicals

     *Juvenile crime and Graphology    *Aishwarya Rai’s autograph analysis

*Identifying health issues through handwriting   *Tips on healthy handwriting

* Felon’s Claw in Handwriting

  1. T.V. and Print media interviews on different topics of counseling, exam fear etc.
  2. Published my first book “Suggest.. We are Stuck in thoughts” in 2017.


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