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Welcome To Dronalaya

Knowledge Seeker

When you were ‘little’ did you dream of a Chess Master?

When you were a ‘teenager’ did you dream of playing the guitar like a Rockstar?

When you were a ‘young adult’ did you dream of learning a foreign language?


Did these dreams remain dreams?

Turn them into reality with Dronalaya.



Dronalaya is an online ‘real time’ learning platform combining traditional methods of teaching with the convenience of today.


What does that mean?

Picture this – You are sitting in the comfort of your own home with a laptop in front of you – just like any typical evening and on the laptop screen, is a Knowledge Provider who is demonstrating how to strum a guitar. No, you are not watching a How-to video. You are attending a real-time Music workshop, where a Pro will not only show you how to strum but also explain techniques and answer questions.

Seek out a Workshop on Dronalaya and bring our Knowledge Pro to you.


Advantages and Benefits

  • No fighting crazy traffic to reach a classroom.
  • No juggling your schedule to attend a class.
  • No age restrictions. Open to all - whether you are 9 or 90.


What does this mean to you?

You can attend a workshop from the comfort of your home, sneak in a workshop during your lunch break at work; you can even attend a workshop during the long ride home.

All you need is an internet enabled device and a Dronalaya account.

Start growing your skills today.


P.S.: We are connected to all types of pros from artists and musicians to medical experts and engineers and they are ready to pass on their knowledge to you. All you need to do is use the search engine to locate your desired workshop. Register Now


Pros of Being a Knowledge Seeker on Dronalaya


Learn. Unlearn. Relearn

Whether you are looking to fulfill childhood dreams or expand your current knowledge – find a workshop you like easily on Dronalaya. There are all types of workshops and courses from hobbyists’ courses like guitar and chess to professional courses like digital marketing. We also offer tutorial classes for school and college students.


Anytime, Anywhere

Do not limit yourself to a class near your home, school or work. Dronalaya connects you to Knowledge Pros from India and across the world. So, whether you live in Ranchi, Mumbai or San Francisco – get online and start learning.


No Age Barriers

Never stop learning – whether you are 9 or 90.


Schedule, Reschedule and Cancel Easily

Meeting overran? Will not be able to attend the scheduled Workshop today? Reschedule or cancel the class easily