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Welcome To Dronalaya

Knowledge Provider

Join the teaching revolution!

Don’t change what you teach, change where you teach.


What do we mean?

Dronalaya is an Innovative Knowledge Bridge that lets Knowledge Seekers grow skills easily in an online real time mode while helping ‘You’ share your knowledge and experience effortlessly.



Well, by joining Dronalaya, you join a new style ‘real time’ learning platform. A platform where Knowledge Seekers – be it seekers who live in your own locality or in a little village 3000 miles away – come to Grow their Skills.


Advantages and Benefits

  • No hunting. They come to you, you don’t have to seek them out.
  • No space constraints. Get rid yourself of space constraints.
  • No age restrictions. There is no age limit. Seekers of all ages are welcome.

P.S.: There are also no restrictions to become a Knowledge Pro on Dronalaya. If you have knowledge to share, do sign on.

  • Flexi hours. Share your knowledge as and when you have time.
  • Earn a little extra. Earn by sharing your knowledge. The amount you earn is in proportion to the number of workshops and courses conducted.

Join Dronalaya and share your Knowledge with the world!


Advantages of Being a Knowledge Pro


Share Knowledge

Use your hard-earned knowledge and experience to educate eager minds.


Ready Workshop Setup

No space required. A completely online setup. Conduct workshops and courses from anywhere, anytime – while at home or on vacation.


Complete Teaching Tool Kit

In-built white board and writing tools. A place to post notes. A convenient method of conducting tests to gauge the Knowledge Seeker’s grasp of the subject.


Global Network

Expand your potential student network beyond your neighborhood or city. Connect with individuals living next door or an ocean apart – all that matters is the interest to learn.


Earn Well

There are no monthly or yearly subscription charges. Pay only when you earn. Earn based on the number of hours you can dedicate.


Flexible Hours

Work as and when you have time.


Earning Potential

Limitless potential = No. of Hours X No. of Students


Dronalaya Knowledge Pros: Our Expectations


Interesting Content

Knowledge seekers want new, innovative and interesting topics and techniques.


Dedicated and Consistent

Consistent and dedicated Knowledge Pros earn better on Dronalaya. Pros that come and go do not receive the same type of feedback and fees as consistent Pros.