Frequently Asked Questions

About Dronalaya Corporate / Institutions


What is Dronalaya Corporate / Institutions?

Dronalaya Corporate is the perfect solution for a company’s collaboration needs - be it for board meetings, in-house orientation programs or external trainings.

Are there any Registration Fees?

No, we do not believe in charging any registration fees. For Corporates who are here to enhance skills of their teams can register for free and set training needs, search for Pros, book courses and enrol employees to the session. Companies wanting to manage internal meetings through Dronalaya can also register for free and explore all basic amenities on website before subscribing for packages as per their requirement.

How is Dronalaya Corporate different?

Apart from offering usage-based subscription utilization, Dronalaya is the only e-learning platform which gives an integrated ability to define and conduct courses online. In addition, it also facilitates fees payment and payment to knowledge providers online.

I have entered my mobile number (or email id) wrong during registration. How do I change it?

At least one of your contact details will have to be correct during registration to receive OTP. Once OTP authentication is completed, you can login and edit your contact details under Company Profile.

Corporate Courses - Open and Exclusive

What are open corporate courses?

Corporate Pros and Professional setups can add courses which can be viewed and booked only by corporate seekers. The courses can be defined with discount structures for seekers to benefit for bulk bookings

What are exclusive corporate courses?

Corporate Pros and Professional setups can schedule exclusive courses for a particular company. Such courses can be viewed and booked by Admin of that company only. These courses will be on a flat fee structure based on prior agreement between the Corporate Pro/ Professional setup and the Corporate Seeker

Corporate Professional setup

Why am I unable to view links for adding courses?

To be able to schedule open and closed courses, you will have to select your role as Corporate Professional Setup in Profile page and fill in your bank details.

Why do I need to provide my Bank details to be a Corporate Pro?

Dronalaya requires your bank details for financial transactions. Please provide proper details to help us with quick pay-outs, which are directly credited into your accounts at the end of the session on a pro rata basis.

How will Seekers find my company?

Once you have opted to be a Corporate Pro, navigate to Corporate Po link and enter your company details under ‘Add Corporate Profile’ tab. Fill in details regarding company structure, About us, training topics and previous trainings conducted. Also upload company’s cover image and provide links to view photos and videos of trainings conducted.

These will be displayed on the Homepage of Dronalaya Corporate under ProFile tab and will help Seekers look out for your courses on the website.

How are new facilitators/participants enlisted under my company?

Admin can add users individually or bulk upload the list of users in Other Attendees link under MY Participation tab. Every new user will receive an OTP on their mobile and/or email provided by admin. The user can enter this OTP along with email id on the webpage to login. On first login, the system will prompt for changing password after which user will be able to access session pages.

How to schedule a course (open/exclusive)?

Under My Course, select the type of course that you want to schedule and enter the required details of session. Select the type of session (single/monthly/…) and set time and date/days. Lastly, select the facilitators from your company attendee list and save the course.

Can I edit the defined course?

You will be able to edit / delete your course under Edit Course link in ‘Manage Course’ menu. However, if even one seeker has signed up for the course, you will not be allowed to delete or amend the course.

How much commission does Dronalaya charge Corporate Pro?

Dronalaya charges a 20% of course fee as service charge per workshop, course and/or Special sessions. Charges will be deducted at source when payment is received from Seeker and balance amount will be deposited in Corporate Pro’s bank account.

For example, if Pro has earned Rs. 300 and the transaction charge @20% is Rs. 60, you will receive a payout of Rs. 240 (taxes as applicable will be deducted) during the next payment cycle.

What is the payout schedule?

Dronalaya follows a 15-day payout schedule, as follows:

  • For sessions completed before 15th of a month, payout will be done between the 15th and 17th of that month and
  • For sessions completed between 15th and 30th of a month, payout will be done between 1st to 3rd of next month.

Where do I get to see the invoices?

  • All your invoices are GST compliant and has your GST number if you have added it in your Company Profile Page
  • For all subscription purchases, the invoices are available under the Subscription Invoice Tab

For all the booking, the invoices for each individual booking is available with the details of the knowledge seeker in the Session details page

Corporate Seeker

How do I view/book courses?

All courses can be viewed and booked under On Offer link.

How many participants can attend an open corporate course?

Corporate Pro can decide the batch size of corporate courses while scheduling the course. 

How many participants can attend exclusive corporate courses?

Since exclusive corporate courses are based on prior agreement between the Corporate Pro/ Professional setup and the Corporate Seeker, the fee structure would have been structured based on the number of participants agreed. Corporate Pro will define batch size based on this discussion while scheduling the exclusive course.

While booking, separate logins can be selected from company’s attendee list for each participant to join or any selected login/s could have multiple participants.

What if Pro finds more than agreed number of participants in an exclusive course?

The Pro can cancel the session by stating a valid reason or reconcile with the seeker outside the system. Dronalaya shall not be held responsible for deviations from seeker end in this regard.

Can I cancel/edit my booking?

You will be able to edit / delete your booking in ‘In Session’ tab under My Workshop menu. You can increase on decrease the participants depending on batch size and/or as per agreement with the Pro. However, if the course has already commenced, editing will be disabled.

How do I get the refund for my cancelled bookings?

After deducting the cancellation charges, refund amount will be credited to the company wallet and can be viewed under Company Account link. This amount cannot be encashed but can be utilize for any future course bookings.

My company attendees are unable to view booked sessions under My Workshop link

Only sessions which are due today will be listed under ‘My Workshop’ Tab. For all other course details, kindly refer to the ‘Session Records’ table under ‘In Session’ tab.

Subscription Module – Closed Meetings/Trainings

Who should subscribe for a package?

Companies who have their own internal trainers and / or are wanting to use only the platform services to conduct their internal meetings and trainings on Dronalaya can choose from the available packages as per their company needs. Subscribing for a package will enable you to schedule meetings and trainings within your known group of participants.

In addition, it also beneficial for colleges and institution with captive audience requiring high security with personalized links for their students to join.

How does the subscription work?

For closed meetings/ trainings, the subscription is purchased in packages of hours and is valid for selected duration (1/2/3/4/5 years) from date of purchase. The charges are based on per hour purchased. Once a certain package is paid for, meeting/training can be added by assigning multiple participants and facilitators. The subscribed hours will be utilized based on the duration of meeting/training multiplied by the number of sessions (for monthly/quarterly/…) multiplied by number of participants/facilitators.

Will subscription package be used in corporate courses?

No. Adding or attending corporate courses (open and exclusive) will not utilize any hours from the subscribed package.

Can I have multiple facilitators for a meeting/training?

Yes. While scheduling a meeting/training, admin can select multiple facilitators from your company’s attendee list.

What is the maximum number of participants for a session?

There is no maximum limit for participants in a session. You can select as many facilitators and participants as in your attendee list.

Can I add more participants during the session?

Participant list can be edited (by editing the meeting/training) only until before session starts. If you are not sure of your participants’ list, just schedule an Open Meeting (See section 4 for details)

How will the subscription be utilized if all participants do not attend the meeting/training?

The package utilization will be recalculated at the end of every day and the remaining hours will be adjusted based on participation.

What if some participants exit a session in-between?

To avoid participants from exiting the session by mistake, admin can choose to disable the exit button while scheduling the session.

If exit option is provided, the duration will be calculated to the nearest minute at the time of exit and only that much duration will be deducted from the package.

Can the participant re-join session after exit?

No. During exit, the participant is asked for confirmation. If participant chooses to exit, then re-joining the session is not allowed.

What if the participant closes the browser by mistake during the session?

The participant can open the browser, login and re-join the session. However, whether the participant joins or not, the usage hours will be calculated until end of session or until participant exits manually.

How do I track my subscription usage?

Dashboard on Pro pages provides the statistics of usage with expiry date of subscription package. In addition to this, company admin who has registered on Dronalaya will receive reminder mail and message 15 days before subscription is set to expire or when the subscribed package is consumed 80%.  

What happens to the remaining hours if my subscription expires?

Your remaining hours are never lost. Just extend your subscription for a year by paying a nominal amount or top-up with another package and your remaining hours will be added back to your account.

What if the scheduled session exceeds the available hours on subscription package?

On trying to submit a session in which the number of hours exceeds the available hours, a message will alert the admin and inform to buy additional hours from Subscription Package.

Can the meeting/internal training be edited?

Yes. Any meeting/internal training can be edited to change topic/ scope/ facilitator/ participants at any point of time before commencement of first session. The hours usage will be accordingly adjusted for remaining sessions. The facilitator and participants will receive a confirmation mail for the edited meeting/training.

How will the facilitator/participant access sessions?

When a meeting/training is added, all assigned facilitators/participants will receive a mail in confirmation along with a link to access their session. User can either directly login on webpage with their confirmed email id and password or click on link in the email and start/join session.

If the user has not completed OTP verification yet, on clicking the link in mail, system will prompt for changing password after which facilitator will be able to access session page. Here, the session can be started/joined at the scheduled time.

Can participants from outside India start/join a meeting/training?

Yes. While creating the facilitator or participant in list, mention the time zone of that user and system will automatically adjust the time lines for that user.

I am unable to delete a facilitator/participant.

Before deleting any facilitator/participant, ensure that he/she has not been assigned to any meeting or training. If assigned, such meeting/course will need to be edited to remove that user. Once removed from all assigned sessions, the user can be deleted.

Open Meetings

What are open meetings?

Whenever you need to setup meetings with unknown audience or for general public, open meetings come handy. Admin can schedule open meeting and publish the Meeting ID in forums to help participants join in.

How are subscriptions considered for open meeting?

Since open meetings are not restricted by number of logins, the subscriptions are designed to cater this requirement. Packages for open meetings offer unlimited hours usage over a period of one-year and subscription charge will be based on maximum users expected to access the sessions by that company.

Who should subscribe for open meetings?

Schools/colleges, and institutions who schedule recurring sessions with multiple facilitators addressing bulk audience (where participants could increase or decrease over a recurring course) can benefit from open meeting subscriptions. By opting for unlimited package, admin will not be constrained by subscription hours while scheduling sessions but at the same time track the session-wise participation duration of each attendee.

How will the participant access open meeting sessions?

Registered users can login into their account and enter the Meeting ID shared by admin in the Open Meeting link to join session. A new user will need to enter the Meeting ID in the Open Meeting link provided in Corporate Homepage. Once user fills in the contact details in the displayed form, system will prompt for changing password after which user will be able to access session page. For subsequent sessions, user can login using their registered email id and password to attend sessions.

How will the facilitator access open meeting sessions?

Since the facilitator/s will be selected at the time of scheduling sessions, they can start sessions similar to closed meetings from their workshop page by logging in.

Equipment and Connectivity

What do I need to attend a session on Dronalaya?

To attend a Dronalaya workshop – you need

PC / Laptop

An audio visual enabled PC / laptop i.e. a device with a camera, microphone and speakers. You also need a minimum of 2MBPS or 2G internet connection. The system is optimized for Google Chrome as browser

Smartphone / Any other smart device

If you are using a Smartphone or ipad with Google Chrome or Android based OS, you require a 2G or higher internet connection. You also need a headset with inbuilt microphone to ensure that external noises do not affect the quality and clarity to the workshop.

How do I check if my system will support a workshop on Dronalaya?

On registration, users will find a link under ‘More’ tab to perform ‘System Health Check’.  This in-built tool on Dronalaya scans the system to help check the compatibility of browser, microphone, camera and internet connectivity for attending a workshop. In addition, every time to join the sessions, the system performs and auto check and will let you know if any of the requirements for attending the session is compromised.

What happens if my internet connectivity is lost?

If internet connectivity is lost - the system automatically tries to reconnect you with the Knowledge Pro. If your internet connection cannot be restored - a refund or workshop rescheduling is done based on the nature of the workshop as single, long duration or special session

What happens if the Knowledge Pro’s internet connectivity is lost?

If Pro’s internet connectivity is lost - the system automatically tries to reconnect you. If the internet is down for an extended period – the Knowledge Pro is required to conduct the session again. If for some reason, you cannot attend the new session – you will be given the option of attending a session at a later date or your payment will be refunded based on the nature of the workshop as single, long duration or special session.

What if I experience disturbance in audio/ video in-between a session?

If you find any disturbance in audio/ video streaming during an ongoing session, refresh the screen. Any avoidable audio-visual issues will be resolved and you will be reconnected automatically. 

Can my browser time out due to inactivity during a session?

No. Your browser will not time out until the session is active.

What if I accidentally closed my session window?

If you accidentally close your browser tab, join session again from ‘My Workshop’ tab. Your connection will be restored.

Can I give my feedback on the Course/ Workshop?

Every Knowledge seeker that attends a workshop is asked to rate session and give feedback on the Pro based on the workshop content and teaching ability.

How can I report for inappropriate content in a Course/Workshop?

Please write to with your comment

Conducting/Joining Sessions

How do I know about sessions added by admin in which I am the facilitator?

All facilitators will receive emails along with participant list when a new session is added. You will also receive a Remainder mail and SMS 15-minutes before the session start time (before every session for recurring sessions).

In Open/Exclusive courses, you will receive an email every time a seeker books your course and also the 15-minute remainder mail along with SMS.

Alternately, users can login into their account and check their Session Records table under ‘In Session’ tab for upcoming sessions.

I am unable to see my booked session in Workshop page.

Only sessions which are due today will be listed under ‘My Workshop’ Tab. For all other course details, kindly refer to the ‘Session Records’.

Am I allowed to record the session?

Session recording feature will be made available shortly.

How can I save the notes displayed on whiteboard?

You can click on the Download button in the session screen to export and save any information displayed on the whiteboard in pdf/jpg format.

I need bigger view facilitator/participant during session.

On the session screen beside the timer, there is an icon which when clicked navigates you to gallery view. Here, you will be able to view the participants in bigger window than in Whiteboard view. You can maximize the view of any particular image to full screen by clicking on the icon on that image.

To get back on Whiteboard view, click the changed icon beside timer.

Can I extend the session duration?

Session duration will be pre-fixed by admin while scheduling. Start and end time can be edited until the start of session (first session for recurring meetings/trainings/courses). Time extension is not allowed once the session has commenced.

A countdown timer on the whiteboard will display the remaining duration of your session. You may plan to conclude your discourse accordingly and avoid session closing abruptly.

Can I conduct/attend sessions from mobile/tab?

Yes, you can conduct/attend a workshop on your phone. Please make sure it has a working camera and microphone to ensure Seekers can view you clearly and communicate with you easily. You should also have a reliable internet connection that is 2G or higher.

 If you are joining directly from webpage on your android device, the share screen feature cannot be accessed. Hence, we recommend you download our application from Play store and gain access to all features.


How do I conduct sessions?

Once you have initiated the session by clicking on Join Session, you will be navigated to the Whiteboard view. Make sure you have allowed to access your device’s microphone and camera.

During session, you will be able to

  • view the participants and interact with them by unmuting the microphone.
  • use the various tools to write/type/draw/upload image/play video/share screen on the whiteboard space.
  • chat with all participants or send private messages to individual participants
  • pass whiteboard rights to multiple participants simultaneously
  • maximize self/participant images to view full screen
  • download and save the content on whiteboard in pdf/jpg format
  • track remaining duration of session on countdown timer
  • toggle between whiteboard and gallery view seamlessly
  • exit session early (if admin has opted during scheduling session)
  • provide feedback on session completion

What should I do if I am unable to add the courses?

Make sure that you are an admin in the company. Only admins have the access to add meetings/courses.

If you are an admin but still unable to add a session, ensure that you have purchased a subscription package.

For issues in adding a course, check if you have filled up the mandatory details under ‘Add Corporate Profile’ page. Unless your work details are updated, you will not be allowed to add a course.

Where can I see my session history?

You will be able to see all your completed sessions under ‘Session History’ menu of Pro pages.

How can I get feedback/suggestions on my Workshops from Seekers who attended?

Based on their level of satisfaction, every seeker who attends a session gives a rating between 0-5, with zero being the lowest and five being the highest score to the course and Pro combination. The average of all such ratings is displayed in ProFile adding to the company/institute’s popularity.


How do I attend sessions?

Once you have joined the session by clicking on Join Session, you will be navigated to the Whiteboard view. Make sure you have allowed to access your device’s microphone and camera.

During session, you will be able to

  • view the facilitator and other participants and interact with them by unmuting the microphone.
  • chat with all participants or send private messages to individual participants
  • receive whiteboard rights from facilitator to use the various tools and write/type/draw/upload image/play video/share screen on the whiteboard space.
  • maximize self/participant images to view full screen
  • download and save the content on whiteboard in pdf/jpg format
  • track remaining duration of session on countdown timer
  • toggle between whiteboard and gallery view seamlessly
  • exit session early (if admin has opted during scheduling session)
  • provide feedback on session completion


How can I add another person as admin in my company?

You can enter the required details of the person under Add Company Admin section in ‘Other Attendees’ tab to add new admins. If the person is already an existing attendee in your company (or other company), you will be prompted to Add Existing Dronalaya User when the email id is entered.

However, note that admin in one company cannot be added as admin in another company (with same email id and mobile number).

Can I get a summary of the courses conducted, total participants, amount earned, Service Tax / GST payable?

Yes, every-time there is a booking for any of your sessions, you receive a confirmation SMS and email. Apart from this, if you have provided your Service Tax / GST number, the invoice for each payment a made available under your session details tab. In addition, on the dashboard, you will get to see the entire payment history for the reconciliation purpose

How do I track the subscription usage by multiple admins?

Dashboard in Corporate Pro link will provide the admin-wise usage of subscription hours. You will also be able to export session-wise participant level usage report in excel format.

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