Welcome To Dronalaya



Our Mission

Bring together individuals and organizations keen to update their skills with experts keen to share their knowledge, regardless of geographical boundaries.


Our Journey

Began just couple years ago with an idea, to combine the global reach of the internet with the preferred ‘in-class room’ style of learning. We built a full-fledge ‘learning’ platform with live audio-video capabilities; where corporate knowledge seekers and providers can connect and interact in real-time. We have on-boarded reputed knowledge providers “Subject Matter Experts”, making it possible for all types of knowledge seekers “Aspiring Experts” to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Organizations across India have begun using our innovative platform to source trainers and workshops, conduct in-house training across workplaces to upgrade skill-levels and even, host internal meetings.


Our Future

This is just the beginning... we are constantly working to enhance our offerings. We keep on adding new tools, new Pros and new workshops to ensure you are prepared for tomorrow, today. So, if you have a requirement for which we don’t have a workshop, let us know. We will go on a hunt and add it for you.


Welcome to Dronalaya for Corporate, where we believe in Growing Skills!


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