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Top Smartphone Hacks to make your life easier

by Dronalaya Team
Posted on May 16, 2017 11:26:13 AM

Top Smartphones Hacks to make your life easier


With virtually a phone in each and every hand on this planet, the hand mobile device has invariably become an important part of our routine. With the revolution in the devices capabilities and apps available to download, a mobile phone is used by different people in more ways than we could even imagine. For example, a real estate dealer in India uses iPhone because of the high-veracity compass it comes loaded with. In India where the direction and layout of property is very important as per ‘Vastushastra’ the ancient science for construction, the agent notes each property’s direction parameters with the compass in his phone.

While you and I use the handphone so much, there are still a lot of things, knowing which could make our life slightly easier. I have tried to list below some of these hacks. I bet you have not heard about at least few of them.


Key Points to Consider


1. Taking Pics with Memory Full: What will you do when you are trying to photograph with phone’s camera and your mobile shows that it does not have space to store the pic? What if you want to quickly take the picture without having time to do the whole process of finding out what is not useful and deleting it one by one? Just point to the scene you want to photograph and take a screenshot of the camera view. Voila! You have the pic on your phone.


2. Save Battery: Does your phone run out of battery quite often? Here is a trick that would considerably help to save your battery. Set, wallpaper that is completely black. The energy saved from showing the colors of wallpaper would help you carry your cell for those few extra miles, without letting it die. Try it, it really works well.


3. Hide files: Do you need to hide picture(s) or video(s) from anyone else using your phone, but, don’t have time or space to download apps that would do that? Just use file manager to go to the directory where the file is saved. Rename the file by putting a dot (.) before the filename. This simple trick would make pictures and videos invisible in the gallery.


4. Wake-up call: Do you feel your cell phone’s alarm does not sound louder enough to wake you up? This hack will be a good help on that. Put your phone inside a ceramic bowl or a cup, when you go to sleep. The mobile alarm’s sound would be at least 30% louder.


5. Lost in crowd hack: Are you going to be in an event or somewhere where there would be huge crowd. There may be a high probability of getting lost from your friend with whom you came to the event. The risk is especially high when you have kids accompanied. This simple hack may provide some useful guidance if you get lost. The hack requires both to keep the Bluetooth ON. While you try to find each other, if your device shows the other devices Bluetooth name, it is simple that you both are less than 100 meters apart, as Bluetooth’s range is not more than 100 meters. Once you are sure, the other person is nearby, it would get simpler to find.


6. Fast Charging: Several times it happens that we are in a hurry to go somewhere, but, have very limited battery available on the phone. Don’t worry this simple hack can put your phone on fast charging mode. Change the phone to Airplane mode and plug it for charging. It would enable the phone to charge faster by 50%.


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