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by Dronalaya Team
Posted on November 06, 2020 02:20:55 PM

“Success cannot be achieved unless you take an initiative to attain it”


Every individual is born with a speciality or uniqueness. The world is filled with talents and skills. So, why should someone waste their inner talent and just focus on the selected educational field as a career? The idea of building something on their own is called entrepreneurship. We all are aware that starting something is not an easy task one should hold a strong vision and passion to achieve their dreams. People especially teenagers have adapted certain hobbies and learnt new skills which can be useful for small business. They are engaging themselves in certain activity and are trying to take an initiative to do something of their own through websites, social media and other e-resources. Today more than thousands of people are self earning with small home based businesses. One has to start with small business option and work hard to take it to the highest rank by bringing your dream into reality.

 If you are planning to start business you can first start with organisation, research and look after the your finance. Developing business needs ideas, strategies, management and good resources to connect with. If you are confused how to start a business, First Try to find out your interests and hobbies, as you will have the maximum amount of profit in the things you love to do. Here are some ideas for small home-based business start-ups :


CONTENT WRITING: A lover of books, can start with writing small content on websites gets an experience and then try to write a book and publish or they can even start a business of content writing where you write poems and message for people on their special occasion. You can use your writing skills and capture someone’s feeling and love in you content and sell it. A very easy and creative way of earning money. Teenagers who have an imaginative thinking can engage themselves into something that is different and productive.


TURNING YOUR HOBBIES INTO BUSINESS: People have hobbies such as painting, doing handcraft, cooking or someone who is good with body art. These skills can be used to earn money without any crisis related to external affairs. Artist can paint and sell their paintings, people good with handcraft can make gift cards, antiques, decorative material such as wind chimes, diva, candles. For the ones who love to cook can start by taking small party orders with cakes and snacks or tiffin services to offices. One can start their business by promoting your creations through social media and take order on smaller budgets first.


HOME-MADE PRODUCTS: We all grew up by listening home made remedies from our grandma. How home made products are more beneficial than other products? One can start a business of home made beauty products using herbal and natural elements. This department need a bit of more knowledge, product making is not an easy task. The producer must be aware about the pros and cons related to the product and is the product eco-friendly without any side-effects.


FASHION DESIGNING: A very creative and innovative field. I believe fashion is something that can be created by your own. Fashion designing is not just about designing clothes but accessories too. A good stylist can turn themselves into a fashionista by designing their own style. If you want to a fashion designing business you should have a good designing skill, a team to work with and a good financial support. One can first start with small orders and customisation and then expand it with the passage of time and experience.


CONTENT CREATOR: This field is especially related to the digital media for 'n' number of users along with huge audience. This is basically not a business but a good source of income. Currently the most popular aspect in every teenager's life. Today youngsters are creating content related to any subject like dance, gaming, cooking, moral stories, light entertainment through video, life hacks or personal volgs, anything that is fun and enthusiastic to hear. Content creation can be done through websites, blogging, article writing, photography, videography on any digital platform like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more.


These small home-based businesses are cheap and eco-friendly and doesn’t involve a huge amount of loss. There will be no need of a huge amount to start, but you can start among the family and friend circle. As today social media is the most viral thing, your promotions can be done easily through social media. People can connect themselves to any country, city or state. Teenagers can utilize their time to do something innovative and extraordinary. Working in your personal space and comfort can help you concentrate more on your selected goal. Try connecting yourself to the world. You have a lot of opportunities, you just have to look for it and hold on to.


“Try to be independent by choosing a path that helps you achieve your dream. A dream which is your passion and not choice”



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