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Acupressure - Divine Science

by Dronalaya Team
Posted on February 16, 2019 10:33:13 AM

My name is Pooja NM and I'm from Bangalore studying in Mount Carmel college. I'm studying in 2nd year BA in Psychology and I'm also doing 4th semester in Acupressure. I love teaching and spreading awareness about Acupressure.

In medical science, we try to find out causative agents and factors for different diseases. But the treatment seems to be correction of the life energy. Medical science understands only diseases it cannot offer solution for this. It is only offering to manage the diseases.

In Acupressure, we find out the root cause of the problem and diseases. The treatment is simple and the best part is incurable diseases and many health problems are surprisingly being cured. The first thing that people would like to say is "miracle" because there is instant relief. This inspired me and I have burning enthusiasm to study acupressure.

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