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Technology Enables Education

by Dronalaya Team
Posted on November 21, 2017 02:12:06 PM

Technology Enables Education





With the world wide web becoming a lot more accessible and easier for all to use, technology has rendered work and education that much more dynamic, informative and fun. Today, one can learn about the events in one end of the world in a matter of few seconds, thanks to all platforms of social media.

The same technology has also enabled people across the world to work with their counterparts across oceans and continents.


Meeting online


Today connections are made over facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and so on. People can seek out industry colleagues basis shared interests, like-minded group memberships, and so on. Some of us have connected with fellow educators across the globe to learn and understand the trends and tools that they see working among their set of students. People across industries are keen to connect with their peers across continents to get a global perspective that will set them apart in this race to finish.


Collaborating online


Any project can be rendered far more insightful when vastly differing perspectives come together to study the issue at hand and add their inputs. And this process does not have to necessarily be offline, especially in today’s time and age when collaborators may not even be sitting same city or country. There are several tools that professionals and students today are using to complete group assignments. Skype, Google docs, Google hangouts, SlideRocket, etc are just few of the popular tools used extensively today.


Sharing content


Given the massive amount of information we consume each day – through email, messages, whatsapp and so on – it is often very difficult to stay on top of information that has been shared among a group’s members via email. It may be the latest updated presentation that has been shared or a fresh set of research that has come in. What is most useful today is use of tools such as Google drive or shared drives that allow us to consolidate information in a central space and use it intelligently.


Tools such as those stated above is used not just in professional spaces, but increasingly in education too. We have seen several instances of international student groups, school students living in the same locality (even) utilise these tools to the hilt to make their efforts far more focussed and result-oriented. Use of technology assists in achieving maximum productivity by making sure that the efforts are focused and results are maximised.


Most educational institutions have begun investing in technology in a big way, since a child’s engagement with technology is only set to multiply as they progress on their paths.


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