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A novel way to earn from your Blog

by Dronalaya Team
Posted on May 16, 2017 11:56:45 AM

Blook : A Boon for Bloggers and Blog-site Owners


Today Bloggers are trying to find out fresh new opportunities to earn from their Blogs. There are number of web-sites available that pay bloggers in different ways. Some sites pay per blog, while some pay per 1000 blog views. While there are some sites that flash advertisements vis-a-vis your blog and pay you on the basis of number of times this ads are clicked.


Blook is a fresh new earning opportunity in the internet world. Blook is an example of new opportunities that arise from succesful combination of the internet world and the physical world.


Blook is nothing but a Book. However, being a Book, it is totally different from what a book stands for in usual circumstances. As you might be knowing Blog, came as a short form of Web Log. It was for people who wan’t to express them by writing something. Those people tried to create their own web log which could be browsed, reviewed by others all over the world through the web. In the coming times, Blogs are bound to play a major role in shaping the thought process of people. It is clearly eveident that Blogs are less serious writings than book writings (in the usual course) and they are written with an objective to reflect fearlessly an individual’s own perspective.


The serious nature of book is due to the process it has to pass through before it comes to the hand of a reader. Lot of contents written goes unpublished due to the long cycle of publishing. First and foremost the author needs to have the capacity of writing sensible content for as long as a hundred pages if not more. After that he need to have the writing skills, time to put such big content on paper or in computer. He needs to go through the cycle of finding a publisher who is ready to invest on his project. Due to this cycle which may be hassles for a common man, a lot of critical writing goes unpublished.


Blook is a Book made of collection of Blogs. The blogs may or may not be of the same author. For example, if a Blook is published on Parenting, it will feature hundreds of interesting blogs on Parenting written by people from different walks os life. This will give the reader an all together new experience and perspective.


Let us discuss the earning part. Blog Site Owners can forward integrate to become Publishers. They could select the blogs from their site and periodically publish interesting Blooks. They will not have to incure much expense as the content is available free of cost to them. There is no investment in priniting either, as the books are printed on demand. The blooks will be listed for sale free of cost on many on-linebookstores and shopping portals. Only a small effort goes into compiling the book, its cover, preface etc. But, once a book is compiled, they will be able to sell them for life-time. Each time someone buys the book they will earn from it. The Blook will be published with the permission of the Blog owners, who will also get a share from the profits earned from the Books sale. In fact, the blog owners may themselves try and promote some sales for the books as their blog/name/profile have been featured in the book. The Blog writers will also keep on earning each time the book is sold.


Imagine the opportunities when one or many the blooks may also be a best seller and earn a million dollars a year.


The competition is between YOU and YOUR IMAGINATION in this networked world.


Happy Blogging !!

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